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Protect all parts of your Airport approaches, roads, car parks and external walkways with the innovative Ice Alert system.

Airports by their very nature pose a number of health and safety risks even when the weather isn’t factored into it. Due to the size and the areas involved in the day to day running of the Airport, the risks posed by adverse weather conditions including snow and ice mean that airport authorities must consider not just the footfall of people heading into the airport but also the risks to the workforce and contract teams are paramount as well.

No departing or arriving holidaymaker wants to end up in hospital due to a serious fall and any visual aid to lower the risk of slips and falls will help raise awareness of the potential of icy conditions and as a duty of care to your employees, Ice Alert signs can cover everyone whether worker or holidaymaker.

If you’re around Gatwick, Heathrow, Aberdeen, Milan or Glasgow Airport you can see our signs in action. If you wish to find out more, download our catalogue.

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Ice Alert Signage Catalogue