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Protect all parts of your Airport approaches, roads, car parks and external walkways with the innovative Ice Alert system.

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Retail locations

Retail locations whether small, medium or large can benefit from the introduction of Ice Alert. These signs can then protect both the general public and your workforce, front and back in the car parks, paths and in the loading and unloading areas.

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There are various areas around a Hospital that Ice Alert can support. Whether it’s visitors to the Hospital or staff moving between buildings, it’s important to protect all access ways and raise visibility of potential icy conditions.

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Railways, depots and outdoor workplaces

Having a duty of care for your staff and protecting their health in the workplace is paramount to avoiding sickness days due to falls and slips. Protect commuters and travellers at Stations.

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Car parks

Outdoor car parks and multi-storey car parks can all benefit from the Ice Alert system, protecting bays, paths and approaches from the risks and dangers of ice forming at all times of the day and night.

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