How it works

A simple visual indicator of imminent freezing conditions. Ice Alert has a three stage indication process utilising a temperature sensitive blue reflector, which revolves into place when temperatures start to move under 33 degrees Fahrenheit.

Illustrated in this simple illustration, when the temperature is above 36 degrees, the grey indicator will show that conditions are normal. As the temperature drops, the reflector will transition to show that conditions are becoming colder and the threat of potential freezing conditions are therefore a possibility.

The Ice Alert units are mounted at prominent positions and in areas where footfall is enough to merit the need for improved health and safety.

Positioned in a way to ensure they are clearly seen at eye level, they provide the quickest indication of the coldness outside of any building or car parking facility when entering or exiting the building.

Each sign can have the ability to show a simple informational message showing the viewer what the blue reflector indicates, but we also stock stickers and reminder signs to purchase and place in the vicinity of the units. All of these combined will give you peace of mind and should provide enough cover against inevitable slips and falls over areas where Ice Alert units are not installed.

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Ice Alert Signage Catalogue 2019