Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to keep the sign up all year round?
Whilst the product is meant for the Winter season, weather patterns can be unpredictable therefore whilst the product won’t be applicable for Spring and Summer months and depending upon placement of the signs, taking them down would not be necessary especially if you have also invested in a number of supporting stickers and reminder signs.
Which countries do you supply to?
The United Kingdom and Europe.
Do you sell this product in the USA?

Ice Alert is distributed throughout the USA and Canada via IceAlert Inc

How should I maintain this product?
The disc is contained within a plastic protective cover therefore requires no maintenance other than a periodic wipe with a cloth to aid visibility.
What if my product doesn't work?
Please contact us by phone or email.
If I want to put my logo on my sign order, is this possible?
Yes, this can be added at no extra cost, also multi lingual signage can be supplied again at no extra cost, please supply translation with order/enquiry.
What if I want a complete custom design?
We offer a custom Ice Alert sign product which can be tailored to your needs.
Do you offer larger sizes?
At present we offer two standard sign sizes, if you have requirements for larger signs, we would recommend you contact us with details of your requirements.
Can I get a quote for an order of IceAlerts?
Please send us an email and we will process your enquiry immediately please click on contact us with your requirements.
What is the delivery turnaround?
From receipt of order/payment and approval of the design, we aim to dispatch your order withing 5 working days. Delivery is next working day as standard to mainland UK addresses.