A woman has successfully claimed £35,450 for slipping and falling in an icy public car park.

She was visiting a college for a meeting when the accident happened. The college did not have its own car park and the Claimant therefore used a public car park which was situated opposite to the college and shared by several shops.

The woman entered the car park and could see there was thick ice on the ground and decided to park her car as close to the pelican crossing as possible. She got out of her car and carefully took her route to the pelican crossing, taking her time.  After the meeting she made her way back to the car park, again using the pelican crossing. Her car was only about five metres away and she tried to find gaps in the ice on the floor to avoid slipping over. Unfortunately, she stood upon some black ice and her legs went from under her.  It turns out that the car park had not been gritted.

The woman went straight to A&E and it was discovered that she had fractured her left ankle and would have to go for surgery three days later. Her family and friends helped her with day to day activities including cooking, washing, cleaning and ironing. She was unable to cycle, walk long distances or pursue her main hobby of horse riding. She experienced constant pain when trying to move around and pain during the night.  To treat her pain she had to regularly take Paracetamol, Co-codamol and Ibuprofen. She was unable to attend work for five months and eventually had to take voluntary severance because her job involved driving long distances and carrying heavy weights which caused ankle pain. She had to start a desk bound job. The Defendant admitted liability and the woman recovered £35,450 in compensation.